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Issue #3: Fall 2007 ~ Fashion & Photography

Greetings from The Do LaB

Yowza! This has been an incredible Summer! We got to take our creations to some amazing festivals and thrill crowds on the East Coast, Japan, and Ireland. Tackling these projects prevented us from being able to make it out to the Playa, and while we have had a blast in our journeys we have madly missed all of YOU! So let's reconnect.

It is our source of inspiration to produce not just events, but vibrant platforms for the boundless artistic expression we see in our community. With each issue of the Artist Network we continue to discover new incarnations that this publication can take. In the past we have showcased music and multimedia creators, and now for Fall we recognize the collaborative creation that happens when hours of painstaking fashion innovation combine with the flash of photographic vision and develop into mesmerizing new worlds. We are also thrilled to partner with Lumine.Art in providing stimulation for your ears from our network of sonic creators (check out the music player below!)

This kind of shared creation is what fuels us, and we hope to develop even more powerful ways to nurture and empower the artists all around us. We are always looking for collaborators, and if you are an online creator interested in being part of the team bringing the Artist Network to life, drop us a line at and let us know what you do.

We are already looking forward to the seasons to come, until then feast your senses on Fall!

Much Love,
The Do LaB

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Brion Topolski, photographer:

A lot of the images that I have done in the past were very vibrant. For this shoot I wanted to find a balance between my current style and the Classic Baroque look. Soft lightng, muted tones with rich reds, and story-telling poses. Tiffa's designs, in many ways, wear like a Baroque painting, so I knew it would be a perfect match. more...
Andrea Spratt, Designer:

Los Angeles.It is a mysterious city that takes a long time to understand. But once you do there are places that you can go to that you never thought possible. The series is called "Where the Wild Ones Play." We shot this in mybackyard, so it's kind of a combination of an organic look with an undeniably urban influence. It's a perfect ... more...
Jonathan Cota, Designer:

These images are a seamless collaboration between Skin.Graft.Designs, Darrah Dannielle's "Found Fables" mixed-media collage art, Marisa Youlden Jewelry, and Tiny Dragon Productions. The Skin.Graft jackets in these photos are from our latest collection and feature Darrah's collages, set meticulously in leather applique frames throughout the... more...
Sequoia Emmanuelle, Photographer:

When you think of New York City it evokes a certain type of imagery. The skyline and the buzzing city with its crowded streets full of scrambling people. At any one intersection you may find uber-executives, contemplative artists, the chic and the cool, the hungry and the homeless. The designers Jan Hilmer, and Lori Selliger of Bootzwalla... more...
Aaron Gautschi, Photographer:

This shoot, like much of my work came to me serendipitously. Lucent Dossier was doing a video shoot at the studio I live in for a big show they will be doing at the Elevate Film Festival. In essence I was functioning as a set photographer on this one so I was coming from more of a documentary approach. Much of my inspiration comes from... more...
Phoebe Minona, Designer:

This photos shoot was a collaboration with Arrow. The first shoot we've done in our new store, Five & Diamond. The idea was to give an aesthetic sense of the store itself by using it as a backdrop and environment showcasing all the lines: wild card, tawapa and bootleg... more...
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