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Issue #1: Winter 2007

Over the years of creating events we have had the incredible good fortune and privilege to work with an astounding number of amazingly talented artists in all spheres. These innovators have been our collaborators in creating visionary celebrations, magical adventures, and twisted tribal wonderlands. They have helped to consistently take Do LaB experiences to the next level.

Recently we have been hearing from a good number of the djs and artists we work with at the LaB about all the fresh masterpieces they've been cooking up. So much tasty new music and art is being produced or recorderd in our community that it got us thinking there was an opportunity to make something really dynamic with all this creative output. And so the idea for creating the Do LaB Artist Network email blast was born. A way for us to share all the amazing creativity we see going on all around us with the whole community.

We are proud to present the innaugural, Winter 2007 issue of The Do LaB Artist Network email blast, and look forward to bringing you all the freshest of the fresh haps in music, art, and a whole lot more in the coming seasons.

Enjoy and spread the word!

The Do LaB



Yard Dogs Road Show

Record: Yard Dogs Road Show CD
Release: Fall 2006

After being on the road for the better part of seven years without the wax, Fall 2006 marked a turning point for The Yard Dogs: the release of their first CD. For the first time you can now experience the infamous Road Show's special brand of sonic voodoo in an even more intimate setting. Take the Yard Dogs home with you and enjoy all your favorite characters and sounds in this new fancy digital format. The featured track is one classically used during a skit where Tobias the Mystic Man hammers a nail into his head via his nose...ouch!!!

Track: Blockhead LISTEN

Rara Avis


With numerous projects going at once Rara Avis has been confined to the studio lately. Along with two new down-tempo albums out with Desert Dwellers, the prolific composer is also currently working on a remix album for Grammy-nominated singer Jai Uttal, and busily bending genres with a full-length dance album from Shaman's Dream. The cure for the recording studio restlessness will be a North American tour planned for the Spring, with Asia and Europe to follow in the Fall. The featured track is off of Six Degrees' Global Chill "Eden" Compilation.

Track: Medicine - Deep Mix LISTEN

Random Rab
Flowers of Wraith with Kitty D


Flowers of Wraith is the new collaboration between Random Rab and Kitty-D under the Glitch Mob label. The duo's featured track is a preliminary performance version of Aftermathmatics. By layering slow tempos, deep bass lines, minimal melodies, vocal illusions, and voodoo song structure the resultant experience is a perfect blend of these two artists' styles. This song has just been picked up by Interchill and has a tentative release scheduled in September. Until then, enjoy this truly one-of-a-kind version.

Track: Aftermathmatics LISTEN

Helios Jive


The funky, jazzy, groove your body, duo of Rich Alick and Paul Newman are at this very moment hard at work on their next album. The featured track, Last Ride, is fresh out of the studio, and features Max Hembd on trumpet, Josh Salsbury on trombone, and the sexy vocal stylings of Fernanda Karolys. As they continue to expand their sonic horizons, the scope of their live shows is evolving as well. With the world-class break dance troupe Elastic Illusions as their collaborators, Helios Jive's vision for the future is nothing short of creating a whole new kind of performance-multimedia experience.

Track: Last Ride LISTEN

David Starfire

Record: Untitled
Release: 2007

2007 finds David Starfire pushing all kinds of musical boundaries. From adding live music performance element to his sets—New Year's Eve saw him holding it down on the bass guitar and electronic hand drums while DJing!—to new dubstep collaborations with FreQ Nasty. What's next? Finishing up an original CD, adding even more live instruments to his sets, and producing remixes and music for TV and film. The featured track is a mid-tempo grinder that offers a taste of what you'll find on the new CD.

Track: Stargazer LISTEN




BreakBeat Buddha

Record: Mind Bombin'
Release: February 5, 2007

BreakBeat Buddha's been hard at work on his debut album Mind Bombin, an explosive fusion of dance-floor grind, social commentary, underground style and seductive sound, forged in the fires of dance floors worldwide. Drawing on diverse genres to convey his dance-floor dissent, from Hip Hop and IDM, to Dancehall and Drum & Bass, he gives face to the movement and voice to the underground sound. This release is brimming with stellar performances from Black Light, Anahata, Soul Eye, and Shugga Sherm, alongside collaborations with Lorin Bassnectar and Eshalon. The full version of the featured track is newly completed January 2007, and features Black Light.

Track: Devious LISTEN



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Lightning in a Bottle

Tickets on sale:
February 15th

Lucent Dossier
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Luis Sanchez

Medium: Figurative Fine Art Painting

The story of how Luis Sanchez and Lucent Dossier met is a tale of love at first sight. It happened at the Six Degrees Art Festival in 2005, where Dream Rockwell and Shrine, the troupe's Director, one of its founding performers respectively, fell in love with the Mexican-born artist's paintings, and Luis, in turn, fell in love with the Dossier's performance. As legend has it, after disappearing to a farm in Kansas for six months Luis returned to Los Angeles just in time to present his evocatively distinct vision of the troupe at Lucent Delirium. His featured artwork is from this series.




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